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Sound Solution® Classic rolls now made from 100% reclaimed material

Sound Solution® Classic rolls now made from 100% reclaimed material

As specifiers become increasingly committed to sourcing low-waste and low-carbon products, GreenStuf® is proud to announce our first insulation product made with 100% reclaimed material.

"Using new technology and processes, we can now repurpose reclaimed polyester insulation into a series of fully reclaimed products," says GreenStuf Managing Director Rob Woolner. "Sound Solution® Classic rolls are the first of our products to transition to being made from 100% reclaimed material."



Recycling waste into high-performance products

Designed for insulation in timber-framed buildings, Sound Solution Classic has long been trusted for its ability to reduce airborne sound, impact noise and noise transmission within construction cavities. Now, with these rolls being fully reclaimed, GreenStuf is converting site waste into the same high-performance insulation, with no compromise on quality or function. "The constant push towards more sustainable practices can appear daunting, but it’s all about small, incremental steps to do things better," says Rob.

"We have been reusing our offcuts and running a zero-waste manufacturing line for a long time. The next step was to bring back waste polyester insulation from construction sites, but the risk that these products could be contaminated with other materials has always presented a challenge for us."


Ensuring recyclable material is fully utilised

Central to this is the GreenStuf Takeback Programme, where insulation site waste, offcuts and packaging are collected and returned to be cleaned and repurposed into new GreenStuf products within the zero-waste production line, utilising a modified manufacturing process.

"The difficulty is not in setting up a takeback programme – anyone can do that," says Rob. "It’s designing, testing and delivering innovative new products made from that waste which truly closes the loop and brings authenticity to the programme."

By recycling reclaimed insulation, acoustic and textile waste and offcuts into new products, we not only help to reduce waste but also contribute to the creation of a more sustainable construction industry. 



The first of many more circular products

GreenStuf continues to expand its product stewardship initiatives by adjusting every stage of the manufacturing and construction process. Converting Sound Solution Classic rolls into a 100% reclaimed product is a huge leap towards addressing the industry waste problem, and sets the stage for future innovation.

Says Rob, "I am incredibly proud of the team who have pioneered this project. Sound Solution Classic rolls are the first product of many that will use this technology. It allows GreenStuf to take responsibility for a significant challenge for the industry – positive solutions for end-of-life construction materials."


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