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GreenStuf® community initiatives

Find out how we empower communities to work together to achieve their goals.  We partner with a range of key organisations, sectors and industries to ensure that programmes, services and products are available to support New Zealanders.

GreenStuf® Take Back Program

Reducing waste with GreenStuf Take-Back Programme

We're doing our part to help those using GreenStuf Insulation with cost-effective and practical ways to reduce waste on the job site. Our Take Back Programme enables builders and subcontractors to minimise waste by taking back uncontaminated GreenStuf Insulation and the outer packaging to help keep our products out of landfills.

We're making efforts to reduce the amount of construction and industrial waste going to landfill by offering a GreenStuf take-back programme. The program allows you to drop off used uncontaminated GreenStuf insulation to be made into new product so that we can help close the loop and divert it from the landfill. Autex also encourages installers to return their GreenStuf packaging to Autex's take-back bin when collecting new product, which is then transformed by a third party into plastic mesh fencing and plastic batons.

We have engaged with a third party to take the bags (which are high quality plastic) and turn them into plastic mesh fencing and plastic batons. As we measure the success of the Auckland program, we are aiming to introduce take back bins all over New Zealand, allowing easy access for all Autex customers. We’re also working on an electric vehicle pilot program to visit building sites wherever our product is being installed and collect GreenStuf bags.

For those in Auckland, the take back bin is now in place, so next time you are picking up an order, don’t forget your plastic bags!

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Point Chevalier Pirates

Formed in 1919, the Point Chevalier Pirates have been a staple in the local community for just over 100 years. Holding a special place in the heart of the Autex family (Mark Robinson played for the team in the 80’s and 90’s) we are committed to helping the club thrive.

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Vodafone Warriors

Based at Mount Smart Stadium, the Vodafone Warriors came to life on Friday, March 10, 1995, and stands alone as New Zealand’s biggest and oldest professional sporting franchise. As owners, sponsors, and life-long league fans, we’re passionate about seeing the team succeed.

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Trade Up Tour

On a mission to motivate youth across the country, Logan and Jesse of Trade Collective have a clear message: with a good attitude, and a trade under your belt, the world is truly your oyster!

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