Our sustainability journey

Positively impacting our environment, our people, and the next generation

Our sustainability mission

Our mission as a responsible and sustainable business is to positively impact our environment, our people, and the next generation. To ensure we are acting on this mission, we have developed a sustainability strategy that aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to developing and upholding sustainable practices because we believe that the built environment plays an important role in achieving these goals, and we want to encourage others within our industry to do the same.

The GreenStuf® Sustainability report details our mission and vision, our sustainability strategy, and our five sustainability pillars.

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Our commitments

Our collective vision
We acknowledge that global sustainability challenges can’t be tackled by one company alone, and we support the global movements calling for sustainable manufacturing and construction. We acknowledge the seriousness of these global challenges and have made public commitments to positive change. These are outlined below.

Communicate more often and more effectively with stakeholders

Leverage the collective voice of 50+ major building product manufacturers committed to sustainability to communicate more often and more effectively with other stakeholder groups in the green building industry.

Support the green built environment

Support the green built environment through transparency and optimisation of products, manufacturing operations and supply chains.

Develop sustainability initiatives

Collectively develop sustainability initiatives, track progress and report on progress of the manufacturing community to various stakeholders.

Better integrate sustainability initiatives

Challenge both our customers and suppliers to better integrate and communicate sustainability initiatives.

Our product lifecycle

At GreenStuf we view waste as a resource with potential, not something to be disposed of. With this in mind we operate zero-waste production lines; all product trimmings and offcuts are reused, and all waste material is re-integrated back into production.


  • 01.
    Recycled PET Plastic

    Not all plastics are recycled, so we make sure that we use PET plastic that is.

  • 02.
    PET Bottle Flake

    We turn the recycled PET plastic into bottle flakes, making it easier for the next stage in its life cycle, where it is turned into polyester fibre

  • 03.
    Blending Process

    Recycled polyester fibre made from the bottle flake is blended with virgin polyester fibre to make GreenStuf products

  • 04.
    We recycle used GreenStuf

    Because GreenStuf is thermally bonded using no red list chemicals, at the end of its life, we can recycle uncontaminated products back onto our production line

Our pillars

We believe it is our responsibility to operate sustainably. To ensure we are positively impacting our environment, our people, and the next generation, we have updated our sustainability strategy in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Climate Change

    With estimates showing approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are directly and indirectly caused by buildings, we believe that the building industry needs to take responsibility for the impact of the built environment on the climate.

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  • Supporting wellbeing in buildings

    The built environment can have a profound impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of communities, so it is extremely important to carefully select the materials used in interior spaces to ensure they aren’t creating a dangerous environment for the building inhabitants.

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  • Closing the loop

    As designers and manufacturers, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible, from the initial concept to delivery on site.

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  • Sustainable supply chain

    Our product supply chain is global, and while this has a positive impact on many workers and their families, it also brings risk. We acknowledge this risk and aim to eliminate any unethical working practices in our supply chain.

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Our certificates

It is our responsibility as a sustainable business to have complete transparency around our processes and product ingredients, which is why we choose to have them independently verified by a trusted selection of third-party accreditors. By upholding sustainable practices in every aspect of our business, we can feel confident knowing our environmental certifications are more than just a label.

Declare – International Living Future Institute

The ingredients in our products have been reviewed against the Living Future Challenge Red List and achieve a Third-Party Verified ‘Red List Free’ status.

Products achieve the highest ‘LBC Red List Free’ status when:
Ingredients are 100% disclosed and are not found in the Red List
Products are shown to meet VOC emissions limits
For full transparency we have our Declare labels independently verified by a third party expert.

GreenRate – Level A

GreenRate is a globally recognised multi-attribute environmental certification that scores products on a range of environmental, health, and social measures. Autex Acoustics products are certified to achieve GreenRate Level A.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that holds information about the environmental impact of a product over its life-cycle, including embodied carbon. Our EPDs are created and verified in accordance with ISO 15804 (used for construction products and services).

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a document that reports the ingredients of a product and the health effects associated with these ingredients. HPDs have been generated for all Autex Acoustics products.

CDPH Standard

The CDPH Standard Method (CA Section 01350) evaluates building products for low volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and formaldehyde emissions. All Autex Acoustics products meet the limits set by CDPH and the LEED building rating scheme.

ISO Certifications

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Autex manufactures under environmental management processes that are ISO certified. This certification gives assurance that we manage any environmental impacts within our operations.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Autex has a strict quality management system that is ISO certified. Robust quality processes from raw material through to product completion help ensure our products meet expectations.

ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management

Autex manufacturing operations have an ISO 45001 certified Health & Safety Management System to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Our building rating systems

Helping you meet sustainable building standards

  • Greenstar

    Green Star is Australasia's largest voluntary and truly holistic sustainability rating system for buildings, fitouts and communities. A Green Star certification proves that a project has met best practice sustainable design and build benchmarks set by the Green Building Council. Our products can help your project achieve a Green Star certification.

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  • WELL Building Institute

    The International WELL Building Institute is leading a global movement to transform the health and wellbeing of communities through a people first approach to buildings. The WELL Building Standard provides a roadmap for creating and certifying spaces that advance human health and wellbeing. Our products can help your project achieve a WELL certification.

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