Making specifiying easy

H1 calculation service

To ensure your project complies with the building code’s H1 Energy Efficiency clause, our insulation experts offer H1 calculations free of charge. As every house and commercial building has different requirements—depending on size, design, and location—we can work with you to help you achieve the best results.

Site sign off

You may have the best insulation in New Zealand, but a poor install can significantly reduce its performance. It’s crucial to get it right the first time, because once the linings are on you won’t get a chance to go back and fix it. To ensure your project is correctly insulated, our insulation experts can complete a free site sign off. We look for gaps, folds, and tucks, and ensure the right product has been installed in the right place. Once the sign off is complete, we provide a certificate that can be kept on file to give you peace of mind.

Spec writing

To save you time, we can write the GreenStuf® insulation specification for your project. As New Zealand insulation experts we know our products inside out, so we can ensure every aspect of the specification is accurate and carefully considered.

  • MBIE's changes to clause H1
  • Designing quality learning spaces
  • Introduction to acoustics


Our expert team offers detailed CPD presentations with NZIA, ADNZ and LBP accreditation both in person and virtually. These presentations can be booked easily online.