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How you can achieve H1 compliance with GreenStuf®

How you can achieve H1 compliance with GreenStuf®

Our new products are helping to create healthier commercial spaces across New Zealand.

Meeting compliance for the new H1 Energy Efficiency standards in commercial spaces requires access to quality insulation materials. The newest additions to our range are perfectly suited to helping you achieve this. These four new products have been designed to provide wall and ceiling thermal efficiency, helping to create healthier commercial spaces around New Zealand.

The new products include:

Thermal Wall Pads:

  • GreenStuf R3.2 140mm Pads
  • GreenStuf R3.6 140mm Pads


These wall products exceed the minimum H1 requirements for across climate zones 1 – 6.

Thermal Ceiling Insulation:

  • GreenStuf R3.4 140mm Roll
  • GreenStuf R3.6 140mm Blanket 







A double layer of these ceiling products will achieve R-values compliant across all climate zones. When a single layer of these products is used in a suspended ceiling system, you are able to achieve compliance for zone 1 and 2.

Need some help with H1 compliance?


The GreenStuf team can complete free H1 Calculation reports for you while also being able to provide Masterspec writing support.

Feel free to reach out by clicking here, to discuss your next proejct with our team.

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