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Words from Marcel Herbke, General Sales Manager NZ

Words from Marcel Herbke, General Sales Manager NZ

We're happy to announce Marcel Herbke's recent promotion into the position of General Manager Sales NZ with the Autex Group. This change of role means that his responsibilities will also change as he takes on more responsibility within the GreenStuf® team. We spoke to him about these changes and what that means going forward.


How are you feeling about your recent role change?

"I’ve always been passionate about our industry using high quality environmentally sustainable materials, so being involved on the GreenStuf side of the business again is really exciting for me"


How will this new role change your involvement with GreenStuf?

"I will have an active involvement in future GreenStuf product development and brand direction. This is both exciting and challenging as the NZBC H1 changes come into effect in May this year. I will also be supporting and developing our GreenStuf insulation team as they continue their career journeys, both within Autex and the wider construction industry"


Speaking to Autex New Zealand Managing Director, Rob Woolner on this appointment, he said. "Marcel has been the stronghold of our sales department for many years and has worked across both Insulation and Interior Acoustics. Over the past year Marcel has really shown his capability working closely with Design, Marketing and Production teams. He will be a huge asset to the senior team and help us deliver many of the exciting new products across both product categories into the future"

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