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Announcing, Ben Hutter as national sales manager

Announcing, Ben Hutter as national sales manager

We’re happy to announce the recent addition of Ben Hutter as our new national sales manager. He will be working alongside our sales team to ensure we are meeting the high standards we have set. We spoke to him about these changes and what that means to him.

How are you feeling about your new role?

“I am really excited to be joining the GreenStuf team. I’m looking forward to being able to manage some great sales people and hopefully meet their wider networks in the near future.”

What does the new role mean to you?

“This is an exciting role for me as I look to positively develop not just personally but on a wider scale, the team and GreenStuf's overall success. The group in sales are a talented bunch and I have no doubt we will have a great time delivering many exciting projects in the near future.”

What are you most looking forward to over your next few months?

“I am really looking forward to seeing anything new! Whether that be new products and innovations from the GreenStuf team, or seeing the projects our networks are working on. This is a fast paced market with a lot of competition so we need to be working hard to stay ahead of the game.”

Speaking to GreenStuf general manager of sales new zealand, Marcel Herbke, on this appointment, he said. “I’m super excited about Ben Hutter joining the GreenStuf sales team, to help steer us into the future. With his strong experience in both the insulation and acoustics markets he is well respected and brings a strong base of knowledge and skills. There is plenty of exciting work for him ahead and I’m really looking forward to watching him grow in this new role.”

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