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Meet our team - Glen Turfrey

Meet our team - Glen Turfrey

Our GreenStuf® team are a hard working group that often goes under the radar. Their work helps to keep homes all around New Zealand warmer, drier and overall healthier places to live. That is why we want to shine the spotlight on some of the great people that we get to call our colleagues. After talking to some of the team we were pointed towards Glen Turfrey, a Storeman who has been part of our operations for decades. Here is what he had to say:  

How long have you worked for GreenStuf?

I’ve worked at the Hobsonville plant since it opened so around four years now. Prior to this I worked under another brand within this company. That takes my total years up to 24! 

Why have you been a part of our team for so long?

I really like the work I do and the people I do it with. I have never been an office person and so being up and about doing physical work suits me well. On top of this my team is great and really looks after each other.

What is your favourite part of working at GreenStuf?

I really value being up and about. Having worked as a commercial fisherman around the Chatham Islands I am conditioned to regularly moving around in a day. In my current role I have a good balance of a couple hours at a desk with the rest of the day I am lifting products and loading trucks. 

Glen Turfrey - GreenStuf®

What is your favourite part about working with your team?

The guys I get to work with here are great. We’ve got a good team that all get along and have a lot of laughs together. 

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt while working at GreenStuf?

That would have to be respect the people and work you’re in. If not managed properly our workplace can be dangerous. Ten metre racking and containers of products weighing up to 800kgs, pose a risk to our well-being and so we have to be careful. This is something I focus on a lot as we all want to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

What is your favourite memory of working at GreenStuf?

I rarely get out now and don’t do too much partying anymore, but I have fond memories from some of the work parties we used to have. In my first 10 - 15 years there were some really cool get togethers that were organised.

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