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H1 updates: What's happening in November?

H1 updates: What's happening in November?

Back in November 2021, MBIE announced changes to Clause H1—Energy efficiency of the NZ Building Code. These changes were driven by creating warmer, drier, and healthier homes that also reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency. The improved standards provide an opportunity to design more efficient solutions for your clients. While a transition period of one year was provided, there is still some confusion around exactly what will be happening.

Ensuring that these changes are clearly communicated across our industry is important, as we look to improve the standards of the homes we live in and buildings we occupy across Aotearoa New Zealand. The below changes will come into effect as of 3rd November 2022:

1. Climate zone changes


New Zealand is currently split into three climate zones. However, this does not accurately reflect the varied weather conditions that our nation experiences. As of 3rd November 2022, MBIE’s changes to clause H1 will now recognise six climate zones across the country, to better reflect our climate diversity.

2. Buildings under 300m2


Windows and doors

As part of a larger move to increase the thermal efficiency of buildings, the minimum required R-value for windows and doors in all residential (including apartments and wharenui) and commercial buildings under 300m2 will increase. They will change from the current value of R0.26 to an increased R0.37. This is an incremental change and part of a larger three step process to increase these R-values to R0.46 and R0.50, depending on climate zone, by 2nd November 2023.



Walls, roofs and floors

Changes for minimum standards relating to residential and commercial buildings under 300m2 to walls, roofs and floors are being extended to 1st of May 2023.


3. Buildings over 300m2 lettable floor area


For all non-residential buildings with over 300m2 of lettable floor area, the below changes will be made to the minimum required R-values on 1st November 2022.


As mentioned above, there will be more changes to come in the new year. To keep you and your team up to date with what these changes may be, when they are happening, and how they may affect you, make sure you are subscribed to our email updates by clicking here.

Our GreenStuf® team can complete H1 calculations for you so that you comply with the changes, feel free to reach out and discuss your project.


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