High-Performance Acoustic Insulation for NZME Office

When New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) needed new premises, they approached corporate architects Telco to create an office space that reflected their new identity.

Client NZME
Sector Commercial
Products GreenStuf® Acoustic Absorption Blanket (AAB)
Installer Elite Insulation
Architect Telco
High-Performance Acoustic Insulation for NZME Office

The Project

The NZME Head Office in Auckland is an amalgamation of APN and Radio Network – both of which were formerly located in uninspiring Central Auckland-style buildings. Their merger was the ideal opportunity to upscale, upgrade, and create a space to grow. Newsrooms are noisy places by nature, so NZME needed a high-performance acoustic product designed to cut down the sound transmission in their large, open workspace.

The Solution

GreenStuf® Acoustic Absorption Blanket (AAB) was the perfect choice; designed for minimising noise in buildings such as theatres, studios, and auditoriums, it was well suited for the communal spaces and newsrooms at NZME Central. Visual appeal was also a key concern, as the ceiling space is seen by over 850 staff, and visitors also frequent the space.

Elite Insulation was tasked with installing GreenStuf AAB in the NZME building. Owner-operator David Neilson said that black and white GreenStuf AAB was chosen by Alaska, the commercial interior fit-out company, for the areas of the building that didn’t have suspended ceilings.

"They wanted everything to be up to scratch. They were blown away by how well GreenStuf AAB worked in that space.”

Marcel Herbke–

The Result

GreenStuf AAB in black was used in the offices to allow the product to blend in with its surroundings, while GreenStuf AAB in white was used to create a light and airy aesthetic on the ceilings of the reception area, café, and open-plan spaces.

GreenStuf AAB’s strong but subtle appearance lends itself to the post-industrial aesthetic of the building, interspersed with exposed beams to give the space a contemporary, urban appeal.

GreenStuf’s Marcel Herbke worked with the architects on the project and says the client was thrilled with the results.

“Telco were nervous about how the noise would be at the launch party for NZME Central," explains Herbke.

"They wanted everything to be up to scratch. They were blown away by how well GreenStuf AAB worked in that space.”

He says that NZME were also delighted by how cost-effective the product was and how seamlessly it worked with the interior aesthetic of the space.

The new office space on Victoria St has since proven an architectural success, with NZME Central winning “best of the best” at the NZ Property Council 2016 awards.

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