Closing the loop with the GreenStuf® Takeback Programme

The ability to take back used GreenStuf insulation helped the project team meet its waste-reduction goals for the Oceania Healthcare office refurbishment.

Client Oceania Healthcare
Sector Healthcare
Products GreenStuf® Sound Solution® Classic
Installer Alaska Construction
Architect Warren and Mahoney
Closing the loop with the GreenStuf® Takeback Programme

The project

Architects Warren and Mahoney and Alaska Construction + Interiors sought to minimise site waste when refurbishing Oceania Healthcare’s Auckland headquarters on Quay Street. Through careful planning and the right partnerships, the project has exceeded landlord Precinct Properties’ sustainability mission to divert 80% of building waste from landfill.

"Circularity is one of our Sustainable Design Principles," says Warren and Mahoney Lead Designer Harry Denley. "We value sustainable solutions for the construction waste problem and the importance of being able to divert waste from landfill. Working with GreenStuf through their Takeback Programme allowed the diversion of 420kg of insulation waste from landfill to be reused or recycled."


Repurposing and taking back used material

Existing GreenStuf Sound Solution® acoustic insulation at the Oceania offices was repurposed under the new timber flooring to reduce impact noise. The remaining material was recycled through the GreenStuf Takeback Programme, ensuring 100% of the existing insulation was diverted from landfill.

Through collaboration between GreenStuf Account Manager TJ Jhagroo and Alaska Project Manager Nick Brkan, the company took advantage of GreenStuf’s coordinated collection service. Used insulation returned to GreenStuf was put back into a zero-waste manufacturing line, and recycled into new insulation products, to create more insulation, effectively closing the recycling loop.

"Embracing product circularity is crucial for fostering sustainability and innovation, while minimising construction waste," says TJ. "It’s impactful when a leading practice like Warren and Mahoney prioritise sustainable products in their designs, and main contractors such as Alaska get behind recycling initiatives."

Partnerships working towards zero waste

GreenStuf is made from 100% polyester on a zero-waste manufacturing line and includes up to 85% recycled fibre. Driven by sustainability and circularity, the GreenStuf Takeback Programme is unique as it includes used insulation, insulation site waste, offcuts and packaging, which is recycled or repurposed into new products.

The success of the Takeback Programme relies on the collaboration of partners across the industry – from workers on-site responsible for sorting waste to their site managers and CEOs. Using the programme is one way project teams can reduce construction waste and also inspire others to work more sustainably.

The GreenStuf Takeback Programme shows that zero waste is achievable when it comes to insulation, and is another step forward in developing a circular economy within the construction industry.

Click here to find out more about the GreenStuf Takeback Programme. 

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