MOTAT Lancaster Hanger

The MOTAT's Aviation Display Hall was designed as a large open space, unfortunately resulting in many reflective surfaces and unwanted echoing.

MOTAT Lancaster Hanger

The Project

The MOTAT Aviation Hall–a multi-award-winning space that hosts an extensive collection of recreational, military, topdressing, and commercial aircraft–celebrates the evolution of New Zealand aviation since 1911 when Vivian Walsh achieved flight.

With its Lancaster Bombers and Flying Boat, it's hard not to be impressed. It was designed as a large open space, unfortunately resulting in a vast amount of reflective surfaces. The unwanted echo from visitor voices made the spacious hanger feel small and crowded.

Our challenge was to keep the focus on the planes by providing an acoustic solution that would reduce distracting background noise and make the exhibit more comfortable for visitors.

We worked with Studio Pacific Architecture to install over 3,000m2 of GreenStuf Acoustic Absorption Blanket (AAB) in black. The muted black background highlights the planes' colour and complements the raw commercial design. GreenStuf AAB works well across all frequencies but is especially effective for low, hard-to-reach frequencies.

Because GreenStuf AAB is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant product, it could be installed completely exposed – providing maximum sound absorption whilst blending into the design of the hanger. Mechanical anchors were used to fix the product to wooden battens and enhance the overall appearance.

GreenStuf AAB returned the hanger to a museum-like environment, and with its 50-year warranty, AAB will control the acoustics for years to come.

Visit the Aviation Hall at Motions Road and spot the GreenStuf Acoustic Absorption Blanket (AAB) in the Lancaster Hanger while you discover aviation history in Aotearoa.

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