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Cleaning up the beach with Sustainable Coastlines

Cleaning up the beach with Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines is a New Zealand based organization that enables people to protect the coastlines and waterways that they love. They do this by grassroots action and on the ground impact, with beach cleanups, tree planting and education. Over the past ten years, they have collected 1,448,597 litres of rubbish from the coast, planted 98,122 trees, educated 211,831 people and had 91,196 people attend their events.

Autex has been a long-time supporter of Sustainable Coastlines sponsoring numerous events over the years and donating GreenStuf® insulation to help build The Flagship Education Centre in Auckland’s Waynard Quarter. So when it came time to do something good for our environment, we jumped at the chance to send our team out for a beach clean up.

“Our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines is very important to us because this aligns with our strong sense of community and our environmental sustainability values. It was awesome to get out on the beach and help out. What a great day the team had” said Danielle Robinson, group marketing manager.

At Autex, we’ve taken a leading role in manufacturing insulation and interior acoustics products that are environmentally responsible. We are proud of the initiatives that reduce waste in the course of manufacturing and distribution, and remain committed to producing sustainable products and packaging methods everywhere possible.

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